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Files for the original Mount Hub Pro

Mount Hub Pro Files

32/64 bit windows operating Systems (Win 7, Win 8, Win 10)

  • Version: 1.56
  • Version 1.56 replaces all previous versions of our software.  We recommend that all users should use this version.   Requires dot net version 4 and ASCOM 6.3.  There is no longer a requirement to separately install an ASCOM focuser driver as this download will install both.

GPS Addendum

  • Describes the usage and installation for GPS enabled Mount Hub Pros
  • PLEASE NOTE, WE NO LONGER offer units with this GPS option.


  • A .net assembly to enable programmers integrate MHP functionality into user written programs. - Updated 11/03/2012 PLEASE NOTE This API is offered "as is" we cannot offer customers support and as such it cannot be considered part of our product offering.n  Source code for this (in VB .Net format) is available upon request.  However we reserve the right to refuse to issue the source code at our discretion.

MHP API Documentation

  • Describes the installation and use of a programming interface to the Mount Hub Pro - Updated 11/03/2012 (Beta Version)